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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2008|12:52 am]
peach negligee tape

Greenlee goes to Jack’s loft to take a shower. Jake catches her and seduces her. Jake accuses Greenlee of coming to the loft to seduce Jake. Greenlee gets mad and is about to leave when Jake tells her that he’s in love with her. Leo, who is restless with being married to Laura and missing Greenlee, goes to the loft and sees Greenlee with Jake. Devastated, Leo leaves as Brooke sees them together.

?Leo confronts Greenlee about being in his condo. Jake stands by Greenlee about the whole incident and tells Leo they were outside it but not in it. Leo tells Greenlee the feelings he had left for her are done and that he is getting a restraining order against her.

Bianca comes to Jake’s loft and tries to convince Greenlee to fight for Leo. Brooke goes to Erica to try and convince her to send Greenlee to the Paris Enchantment office to keep her away from Leo. She manipulates Erica by telling her that, if Leo’s marriage breaks up with Laura, that will leave Laura free to be with Bianca. Leo has a flashback to seeing Greenlee and Jake at the loft. Laura surprises Leo with a peach negligee and Leo fantasizes that Greenlee is in it. He then rebuffs Laura’s advances. Greenlee calls Bianca’s bluff about wanting Laura all to herslf and using Greenlee to do it. She tells Bianca that Leo took a check from Brooke to be with Laura. Bianca is shocked that Greenlee didn’t tell anyone about it. Bianca confronts Brooke about the marriage being a sham. Brooke threatens Bianca and tells her, if she doesn’t go along with the marriage, she is out of Laura’s life for good. Erica tells Greenlee she is going to Paris. Greenlee refuses to go there.

Greenlee and Jake wake up together after their night of passion. Jake wants to continue where they left off last night. Roger comes to the door and interrupts. Greenlee thinks her father for helping her with some work at Enchantment. Roger gives Greenlee a new database program for Greenlee to use at Enchantment. Roger tells her he did it to make up for what happened with her and Leo. Greenlee runs to Enchantment to install the new program.

Leo is at Tempo and thinks about seeing Greenlee with Jake at the loft. Greenlee shows up to give Brooke some ad copy. Leo grills Greenlee about what she is doing nowadays. Greenlee and Leo fight about his marriage to Laura. Bianca tells Laura that she doesn’t believe Leo is over Greenlee. Laura attacks her and tells her that Bianca just wants her marriage to fail because Bianca wants Laura. Brooke interrupts Leo and his diatribe about his perfect marriage. Bianca tells Laura she knows that Laura can’t love her, but she’s not there for herself. Greenlee goes back to the loft where Jake is waiting. Brooke and Leo have a talk about his marriage. She lectures him on how to handle Laura. Greenlee rants to Jake about her run-in with Leo. Jake visits Leo at the condo and tells him to make up his mind about who he wants, Greenlee or Laura.
Kiss in the park

Greenlee surprises Jake at the hospital pretending to be sick. She tries to apologize for posing as an ER patient. She tells him that she is going to stop talking about how Leo was paid to marry Laura. They make up and agree to be friends again. Leo’s in the park drinking away his newlywed troubles with Ryan who just lost Gillian. Greenlee finds Leo drunk on the ground in the park. Greenlee helps him onto the park bench, and Leo passionately kisses her.

Greenlee sends Leo a note the next day to meet her at the S.O.S.

12 –
Jake comes home to find Greenlee a wreck from Leo. Jake asks her what happened with Leo and Greenlee storms out of the loft and over to Leo’s place. Leo is outside after Laura’s in bed. Leo and Greenlee stare at each other with longing glances. She tells Leo that Jake asked Greenlee to move in with. She tells him that Jake is everything she’s ever wanted just like Laura is for him. Greenlee goes back to the loft and apologizes to Jake. Greenlee asks Jake to stay at the loft. Jakes tells Greenlee she can stay at the loft for as long she likes. Jake and Greenlee kiss as Leo fantasizes about Greenlee.

Laura visits Greenlee’s office to tell her to stay away from Leo. Greenlee feeds into her insecurities, and Laura gets very defensive about her perfect marriage.

Leo comes over to Greenlee’s office with Tempo business. Leo and Laura argue about her visiting Greenlee. Laura presses the intercom button to listen in on Greenlee and Leo’s conversation. Greenlee and Leo get into it over his marriage as she taunts him. Greenlee makes a bet with Leo about getting him back into bed before his three month anniversary with Laura. Laura turns on the intercom and learns about the bet but doesn’t know the subject of it. She confronts Leo and Greenlee and the show ends.

GREAT Greenlee commercial during General Hospital spinoff show – MUST HAVE. 

Laura confronts the situation with the bet. Leo tells Laura he is with her and committed to their marriage. Leo leaves with his wife. Val gives Greenlee a package to deliver to Erica at the bar. Leo is all worked up and makes love to wife but thinks of Greenlee as he does it. He tries to prove to himself that he wants his child bride. As Laura is basking in the afterglow, Leo sees Greenlee in the mirror gloating that he was making love to her not Laura.

11 –
After seeing Leo at Erica’s place, Greenlee runs back to Enchantment and celebrates her contract with Enchantment with Jake. They play a little game of name that fragrance.

Greenlee and Jake go running in the morning and talk about her job with Enchantment. Jake is worried about Greenlee, and she is confidant she can handle Erica. Jake tells Greenlee he can’t get involved with her. She spends her first day fetching coffee for Erica. Brooke is trying to convince Leo to marry Laura. Tad and Jake are talking about Greenlee as that is his focus nowadays.

Greenlee gets upset over Erica treating her like a gopher. She has a conversation with herself about it and tells Erica on the phone she is quitting her job. Jake and Greenlee have a food fight at the hospital, as he mocks her about her magical nose. Joe breaks up the fight. Greenlee sees Leo at the hospital and runs in the opposite direction.

10 –
Greenlee is in court being accused of harassment. The judge rules she will not press charges, and Greenlee agrees to stay away from Leo. Leo tells Greenlee that this is good and that they are finally finished. Laura runs over to them and Jake stops her. He tells her that, if she tries to run inference, he will tell Leo that she puts pills in Greenlee’s purse to frame her. Jake and Greenlee discuss the situation, and Jake tells Greenlee he thinks Laura is messing with her medicine. He tells Greenlee when she was arrested, he saw Laura putting pills in her purse. Jake tells her that he switched the pills out of her purse. Leo goes to the bar to talk to David about the Greenlee situation. Leo tells David he has to push Greenlee away. He daydreams about her from earlier when they were in court. Laura has a nasty fantasy where Greenlee is taken away to jail and Jake loses his job, and of course, she ends up with Leo. Greenlee tells Jake she will finally let Leo go altogether, and he rewards her with a passionate kiss. Laura calls David and asks to see him about Jake Martin as Leo sits getting wasted.

9 -
2nd episode on tape – preview before show starts – Jake tells Greenlee she needs a shrink, and Brooke tells Leo that he left a note for his wife when he left her. Leo tells her Laura never needs to know about the note.
Greenlee goes to see a shrink as Laura DuPres. The shrink figures out that “Laura” is not being honest with him. Laura figures out that the goodbye Leo left as he ran out of town is missing. She rummages through the trash for it and is caught. She has a “fantasy” about Leo and Greenlee laughing at her as reads the goodbye letter.

Next episode previous show scenes – Greenlee is trying to make Leo see Laura is nuts.
Jake comes home to Greenlee lounging on the couch not having moved the whole day. He comforts her about Leo. Laura has a “fantasy” of Leo and Greenlee making out while he is listening to music. Greenlee wants Jake to believe her that Laura is a nut job. He says he needs proof and tells her to get a life in so many words. He tells he is going to go do that himself. She has a fantasy where she coins Laura as a narcissist.

8 –
Jake wants to take Greenlee away for the rest of the week. Leo and Laura spy Jake and Greenlee kissing. Leo tells Greenlee he hopes Greenlee has a nice time on her trip and that he wants her to be happy. Leo tells Jake to take care of Greenlee. Jakes takes Greenlee over to the Martins to tell them he’s taking Greenlee away for the rest of the week. Leo meets Laura’s friend who puts on this show that Laura saved her from being homeless. When Leo’s talking to this friend, he accidentally says Greenlee instead of Laura. Laura slips a note under Jake’s office door. The note tells Greenlee to that Leo has to see her tonight. Greenlee has a flashback to Jake telling her, if she dresses up and ruins Leo’s party, he’s done with her. Leo skips his wedding rehearsal. Greenlee shows up at the engagement part in the gorilla suit looking for Leo. Little Miss Muffet aka nutty buddy Laura tells her pal Susie to clue her in when Greenlee arrives. Greenlee is caught when Laura places a fake spider down her gorilla suit. Greenlee freaks out and her identity is revealed.

Greenlee tells Leo that she sent a letter to his condo about a forged note Laura sent to her. Greenlee is arrested for harassment and carted off to jail. Greenlee thinks about Leo at the same time he’s thinking about her at the boat house. Laura runs home to get rid of the letter Greenlee sent to him.

7 –
Previously on AMC – Greenlee is arrested for harassment
Laura places her pills in Greenlee’s purse. Greenlee is taken to be court over harassment. Greenlee figures out that Laura set her up to be caught at the condo. At the hearing, Laura has a fake attack with her heart trying to convince the court that Greenlee stole her medication. Greenlee empties her purse on the table and there are no pills to be found. Her meds end up in her own purse. Jake acts Greenlee to accept some guilt, and he will help her nail Laura for stealing meds and trying to frame Greenlee.

Soap Center – talks about the upcoming Halloween engagement party episode with interviews with Greenlee, Leo and Laura.

6 –
Previously on AMC – Greenlee tries to surprise Jake but accidentally surprises Leo. Laura tells Jake that he doesn’t want Leo and Laura to have problems because that would mean more problems for him and Greenlee.

Leo sees Greenlee naked sprawled across Jake’s desk and stares at her with a deer caught in headlights look. Greenlee asks Leo why he’s here as she covers up with Jake’s doctor’s coat. They get into it over Jake not being a good doctor because Laura’s afraid of him. Greenlee tells Leo that his wife is certifiable. Greenlee thinks Leo is finally seeing that and ends up kissing him. Jake interrupts and Leo lays into him about Laura. Jake gets upset and tells Leo to get control Laura who threatened Jake. Laura interrupts and thinks Leo is calling her crazy. Leo defends her, and Laura tries to accuse Greenlee of going after Leo and breaking a court order. They leave and Jake talks to Greenlee about what Laura said to him about keeping quiet about what she did because he doesn’t want to lose Greenlee. Laura has Leo write down his signature and writes a note to Greenlee to set her up again. Jake admits to not wanting to lose Greenlee. He asks her on a trip to get away from Leo and Laura. He turns off the lights and finally unwraps his surprise from Greenlee.

Greenlee tells Roger that she’s found the key to happiness. Leo is drinking with his mother talking about his upcoming wedding. Laura meets with David and tells him that Jake is not a good doctor trying to get him to lose his privileges at the hospital. David sees through her scheme. David tells Laura to focus on her marriage not revenge and that he took Jake off of her case. Jake confronts Laura about it. Greenlee tells Roger her happiness was not found in a man but that Jake convinced her to say adieu to Leo. Jakes tells Laura that he knows she took Phoebe’s pills to Laura her heart beat. Laura tries to convince Jake that she’s on his side and they should work together to keep Greenlee and Leo apart. Roger has an episode with his heart but seems to be okay. He tells Greenlee that there should be magic for a couple. Erica overhears Roger and Stamp on the phone. Greenlee decides to surprise Jake.

13 – Jake visits Greenlee and wants some advice. Leo is enjoying his get away from Laura and Greenlee and sings the French national anthem. Laura attacks Brooke’s employee when she can’t find Leo who then calls Greenlee nice. Laura tries to fire her when the woman tells Laura that finding her husband is not her job, and Edmund goes along with it because her last day is tomorrow. Jake asks Greenlee what to do about David trying to get his dad thrown out of the hospital Chief of Staff. Greenlee tells him to think like David. Laura calls Greenlee looking for Leo. Greenlee teases her that Leo is there and tells her that she is kidding. Greenlee tells her she hasn’t seen Leo but that Erica wants Leo to work with Greenlee for the new ad campaign. Jake gets mad at Greenlee and leaves. Roger is there and defends her. Greenlee leaves to go the production and Roger tinkers on her computer installing some type of software. Laura has a fantasy about Leo and Greenlee together. Laura has a panic attack and ends up in the hospital.

Greenlee shows up at the hospital, and Jake tells her that he can’t find Leo for Laura. He asks for help in finding him. Leo shows back up at the hospital when Brooke is about to tell Laura she can’t find him. Brooke takes him aside and yells at him for leaving. He stands up for himself and tells her to stay out of the marriage. Earlier, Laura noticed Leo wasn’t wearing his wedding ring and gets it back from Brooke. Leo throws the goodbye letter in the trash, and Laura fishes it out when they are out of sight. Greenlee and Jake are talking about finding Leo when Edmund announces he is found. Greenlee pretends she didn’t know Laura was in the hospital and Jake lays into her for it. She tells him that Laura flushed the ad campaign with Greenlee down the toilet. Greenlee tells Jake that Laura is not taking her meds which is what are causing her attacks to have Leo running to her at any moment’s notice. Jake tells her that he doesn’t blame her for doing it. He tells her that she needs to see a shrink and suggests Dr. McMillan.

Port Charles – Rafe/Alli – after making love the first time

General Hospital – Zander and TB as Carly kissing scene

Sex and the City – Big leaves for Napa - 

AMC – Greenlee and Leo right before she is kidnapped by Nessie on put on the boat. Leo tells Greenlee all they need is each other. He kisses her and goes off to get them champagne.

2 –
PROMO – Leo and Greenlee – AWESOME!

Leo and Greenlee go back to the loft after after their date at the Valley Inn where he told her he loved her again after getting back together after the Chapel scenes. Leo has a flashback to Bianca telling Leo to tell Greenlee the truth about why he came to PV. Greenlee puts on a little purple number and is about to make love to Leo when Jake comes home.

Jake and Greenlee talk about Leo, and he tells her he doesn’t want to see her get hurt again by Leo.

MOVIE: Legally Blonde

All My Children – Greenlee talking to Erica about Leo – after his death where Erica is consoling her – GREAT scene. Greenlee goes back to her condo to think about Leo and their memories together with French music playing. Greenlee finds that Donald tabloid reporter in her loft and threatens him with a gun. Trey comes over and tries to make sure Greenlee doesn’t do something stupid and offers to spend the night.

PROMO again during right before Soap Center minute and Knots Landing

81 –
RB on Soap Talk

Greenlee and Ryan argue because Greenlee is meeting Pablo at the Pine Cone, and he doesn’t want her to leave. Aidan and Kendall argue saying Ryan and Kendall are a big mistake. Aidan tells her he has trouble with someone he cares about sleeping with someone else. Kendall, of course, comes back with the line that she loved him. He says your kind of love I can do without. Ryan ties up Greenlee in his condo, so she won’t leave to be with Pablo. Ryan won’t untie her, but Kendall comes over and does it for him. Ryan gets upset because Greenlee is in a lot of danger and storms out after her.

Kendall is cleaning and Ryan shows up to take her on a NYE’s date. Greenlee is meeting JP at a cabin for her date with him. Aidan is the one that took Greenlee to the lodge for Ryan.

Greenlee/JP/Ryan/Kendall/Mia and Aidan all end up at the same cabin. Kendall goes ballistic and runs out, and of course, Aidan runs after her. Ryan stays behind with Greenlee. Mia follows Aidan who goes after Kendall. There is a problem with no heat, and Ryan is really rude about it. He tells Kendall, if she won’t let him protect his friends, maybe they should rethink their attraction. All of the partners play a game of musical chairs in beds. Kendall gets upset when Greenlee and JP break up because he won’t stop his revenge and she comes running to Ryan. Kendall runs into Aidan’s room where he is snuggling with Mia. Mia is basically ignored and leaves. Kendall tries to seduce Aidan, and he runs out because he is still hurt over her sleeping with Ryan while they were together. Ryan tells Greenlee she’s better off without Pablo and there is a better man out there for her. Greenlee kisses Ryan who pulls away from her when she tells him she’s trying to get him away from Kendall because she wants Fusion. Greenlee is upset because Kendall is trying to take away from her. Kendall rubs in Greenlee’s face that she owns Fusion. They fight as Greenlee tries to see the baby Kendall is holding. JP asks Ryan to take care of Greenlee. Ryan kisses Greenlee.

Greenlee/David right before Kendall tries to cut Greenlee out of Fusion. David wants Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Ryan leaves Kendall and goes to Fusion to see Greenlee. Previews are good for scene.

82 –
Rebecca Budig co-hosting Soap Talk – Hawaii episode interviewing SL/Jason Thompson/Scrubs

78 –

Greenlee gets out of the tower and tells Ryan that Kendall locked her in there, so they couldn’t get married. Greenlee/Kendall have a cat fight in the pool and bring Ryan in the for the ride. Ryan and Greenlee get married.

Greenlee/Ryan exchange gifts after their wedding on their way home to PV.

Greenlee/Ryan return from the circus.

Greenlee/Ryan continue to bond. (inner thoughts episodes – two)

Ryan tells Kendall he feels nothing for her *YEA*

77 –

Greenlee sets up her mother pretending JP is a gigolo. JP comforts her after she cuts Mary out of her life and is upset over it.

SATC – Domino Effect

76 –

Simone confronts Greenlee and Kendall about being cut out of the surrogacy.

75 –

MOVIE: Under The Tuscan Sun

Soap Reveal – Rebecca/CAM/Alicia

74 –

Ryan returns and after Greenlee and he make love, he admits that he pretended to be dead.

Greenlee confronts him about it. Great acting by RB. Greenlee asks Kendall to keep the baby from Ryan for right now.

73 –

Greenlee finds Ryan in a “fight club”.

RB and Bob on VH1 couples special
72 –
Hope and Faith – AMC ppl episode incl. RB/CAM/SL

71 –
Greenlee wants to back out of the surrogacy after she founds out that Lily “saw” Ryan fearing he might still be alive. Kendall convinces her to go through with it.

70 –
Greenlee/Ryan are at the gazebo when Kendall shoots Ryan. RB does some great acting in the hospital scenes.

69 –
Greenlee and Ryan in the hospital as he recovers from gun shot wound. Honeymoon Scenes

Rebecca B./Bob Guiney after they got married on Soap Talk

68 –
Greenlee goes over and gives Kendall papers to leave Fusion. Kendall taunts her about it. She tells Kendall how close she was to getting Ryan back and how she blew it by sleeping with his baby brother. Greenlee goes home and has to bunk with Ryan as to not tip off his brother that they aren’t together in the marital sense as of yet.

Greenlee and Ryan wake up together.

Kendall’s blackmail scheme

Greenlee/Ryan at the casino. Kendall’s blackmail scheme.

67 –
Ryan and Greenlee honeymoon scenes

Greenlee tries to kill Kendall with a car (too bad she didn’t succeed) Greenlee is losing her mind

OLTL – Good Jolie scenes as Cris comes back to Landview

AMC – Binks finds out Babe has her baby Mimo/reunites with Mimo

66 –

Daytime Emmys - Josh wins for best supporting actor – don’t have acceptance speech because he didn’t mention RB – pissed me off. ;)

High Fidelity – Cosby sweater part

GH – TB as Carly/Lorenzo – LOVED these two together

Greenlee/Ryan when he finds her putting up a camera in Kendall’s shower. He brings her to his condo, and she tries to urge his to have one last fling with her.

65 –
Greenlee/Ryan right before admitting their feelings at Casino.

ABC World of Soaps – Bob Guiney asking CAM if he likes kissing RB. It is pretty funny.

RB on The View

Greenlee and Ryan admit their feelings at the casino benefit.

64 –
Greenlee wakes up after the explosion with JP and thinks it’s 1999 and she and Ryan are still together – has amnesia.

GH – Good Georgie/Dillon moment – really cute

63 – Ryan helps Greenlee take off her wedding ring

62 –

Epi 1:Ryan/Greenlee/JP – (I’m guessing shortly after she took off her ring)

Epi 3:Greenlee talks to Leo and then David comes to the falls too.

61 –
Ryan/Greenlee – right before Ethan comes to town – very small scenes
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